Hi all ! This is the post concerning the swap I organize at "the soap blog" facebook group.

Please commenet below if you are interested to do the swap.


Also, send me an email with these informations :

- full name

- full postal adress including contry

- allergies if you have some (ex nut, so we dont put any nutty oil in the soap)

- smell / fragrance type preffered

- smell / fragrance you really DO NOT like

- are you ok to send your parcel to another country or do you prefer your own country (i will take account of that for the draw)

- brief description of yourself, likes, dislikes, type of personnality to give us pointers to make you happy in this swap


Here are the rules for the swap :


- The goal of the swap is to send at least 1 bar of soap to your attributed swapee, + 1 little something homemade in extra, anything you like. It doesn't have to be related to cosmetics or soap, could be anything.

- open to anyone frome "the soap blog" facebook group, no matter the country

- it will be a A sends to B who sends to C type of swap. There is no limit for the number of swapee since we do it this way.

- the swap is openned for inscriptions until saturday march 24th, on wich day i will draw the swapees and list it here

- You can do any type of soap you want (unless there is allergies to something). It can be CP or MP. Depending on the persone you send it to it can be scented or not

- the rest is up to you for desing and all, as long as you respect the taste of the swapee you get.

- ideally it would be nice to challenge ourselves with something we never did before, but its not a main concern for this swap.

- the parcel must be finished and posted by 30th of april, wich gives us plenty of time to make a new soap and cure it. Of course, if it's ready before then you can send it sooner. Please provide me with pictures of your parcel so I can poste them here, and let me know when you ship so I can take track.

- please take the shipping into account for the delai, so if you ship intertionnaly buy boat, it takes a couple weeks more than plane. It would be nice if we could all get our parcel by mid june aroudish, but again this is only a nice to have. I understand that we sometimes want to save on shipping !


If anyone would like to add something, any question or suggestion, don't hesitate let me know !


Here's the list of who's in up to now, i will update it all the time.


1. Me !